Croatian Highlights


What makes this small country great and interesting for wine connoisseurs is the wide variety of wine categories and grape types grown throughout centuries in such limited space.
Croatia is divided into two main winemaking regions; the continental and coastal region.

The delightful continental region with its unspoiled countryside covered with fruitful plains and colorful forests in Slavonia and the amazing green slopes of gently rolling hills in Zagorje and Međimurje are the main providers of white wine varieties. The most widely planted vine is Graševina, which yields light and mildly aromatic wines. Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are also grown here, along with Frankovka as the main red wine grape. The specialties of the Slavonian area abound with hot spices, homemade ingredients and meat. The famous paprika flavored sausage known as kulen usually served with cottage or dried cheese followed by goulash meat stew or freshwater river fish paprikash will arouse your senses and introduce to you the warm customs of this slightly cold region. The lovely wine roads of Međimurje and Zagorje besides renewed cellars with modern facilities offer a great variety of traditional family run estates where you can taste some famous local cheese pastries such as štrukle or a slice of slow roasted turkey served with mlinci, a sort of special baked noodle.

Along the Adriatic coast small winegrowing and olive oil estates can be found behind almost every corner. Little stone authentic villages and olive mills scattered all over the Istrian peninsula will take you to a revealing journey through the forgotten ways of the past. This area is known not only by the tradition of producing the Bordeaux reds like Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon but by the deep and intense colored Teran considered the indigenous wine of Istria together with white Malvazija. One of the most recognizable culinary treasures of this area is the world known Istrian white truffle. The passionate admirers of this mysterious delicacy are already familiar with the incredible finding of the world’s largest truffle ( 1,31 kg ) in the depth of the beautiful Istrian inland. The outstanding scenery of the Dalmatian coast and its undisturbed Mediterranean vegetation is home to a stunning pallet of indigenous grape types. Tasting one of the most regarded Croatian red wines such as Postup and Dingač will take you to a fulfilling journey your senses will never forget. Dalmatian cuisine such as its relaxing lifestyle is closely related with the Adriatic sea and consists a great variety of sea food dishes such as fish stewed brodettos or risottos. Fresh Adriatic fish is usually grilled with local olive oil and served with boiled vegetables which make this cuisine one of the healthiest in the world. The fragrance of the Adriatic combined with the bura wind and the special fusion of different spices and condiments well kept throughout generations are just one of the secret ingredients of the unique smell, color and softness of the Dalmatian and Istrian dried ham.

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