Zagreb & Continental area

Zagreb's cuisine reflects its rich heritage gained through the troubled history throughout centuries. Citizens of Zagreb were always attentive to what they ate. In the historic part of the Croatian capital known as Gradec already in the medieval times there were more than 90 craftsmen related to food. It is worth mentioning that Zagreb citizens were always admirers of home-cooked dishes, which manifests in numerous traditional gastronomy events in the town and its vicinity. Modern Zagreb cuisine is at the Croatian top from the nutritionist’s point of view probably due to the undoubtedly best food selection in the country.

Zagreb and northern Croatia (Zagorje) with its cold winters and chilly springs base their gastronomy on hearty meat dishes, with sides of beans, heavy soups and various home grown vegetable salads. Bread is often maize or barley and is made by traditional rustically recipes and techniques. Filling and tasty homemade cheese, polenta, game and local fresh-water fish are the highlights of this simple but exquisite cuisine.

Intense hot flavors are a synonym for the Slavonian gastronomy as well as cooking in the open space with the sounds of tambouritza in the back. Slavonian friendly people are considered to be masters of dishes prepared in a cauldron such as the famous fish paprikash. One of the most reputable products of this area is kulen, the most appreciate and expensive sausage in Croatia. Slavonia is also known for its many types of grape and wines, but the most widely planted vine is Graševina.

The cuisine of Gorski Kotar and Lika have emerged from the lifestyle of this mountainous part with pasture grounds, forests, short summers and cold and snowy winters. The main character is simplicity. Gorski Kotar and Lika are also renowned for the essence of their high quality cheeses like škripavac, a homemade salty, soft cheese made from cow's milk. Other milk products, specialties with sour kraut, polenta, beans, corn, boiled or baked potatoes and game combined with wild grown mushrooms and herbs represent a special gastronomic trump card of this unspoiled landscape.

Experience the unforgettable journey through the simple and spicy continental flavours of Croatia!

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