Dalmatia & Dubrovnik

The Croatian part of the Adriatic coast, the islands and hinterlands provide everything that makes the Mediterranean cuisine one of the most popular in the world. In its simplicity it reveals the hidden tastes of fresh products in perfect balance. 

Zadar area is home of the world renowned Maraschino liqueur, the only one made from indigenous Maraska black sour cherry and by the original three centuries old recipe.
The most common dish for the whole Dalmatia and Dubrovnik is brodetto - made from all kinds of fresh Adriatic fish and has almost countless variations throughout the coastline. It's a soupy kind of dish prepared with onion, carrots, tomatoes and wine and most frequently served with polenta. In Neretva river valley unique and spicy brodetto is prepared from eels and frogs.

Grapevine and olives have been cultivated in this area for centuries. On the island of Vis there are traces of grape vine which have been cultivated from pre-Christian times to the present day. Small winegrowing estates can be found behind almost every corner but one of Croatia's best known wine growing regions is the peninsula of Peljesac where most regarded Croatian red wines such as Postup and Dingač are produced. The oysters of Ston area also located on the Peljesac peninsula owe their fame to the sea currents carrying a large quantity of minerals which develop its elegant and unique flavor renown all over the world. 

Dubrovnik's old republic multicultural tradition through its maritime force influenced on the culinary tradition of the area offering today a wide range of food fusion, from the open fire prepared dishes in small Konavle villages to the exquisite contemporary cuisine inside the ancient walls.

Scenic delights, crystal blue sea and ancient history are the main ingredients of Dalmatia’s culinary work of art!

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