Istria & Kvarner

Istrian gastronomy reflects the historical, geographical and climate diverse features of the peninsula, and combines various traditions of local cuisine based on indigenous recipes, aromatic Mediterranean spices, seasonal vegetables, fresh Adriatic seafood, and high class olive oil.

In the interior of Istria a large number of authentic inns, or konobas, can be found as well as various traditional and modern wine cellars where each meal is elevated to a higher dimension. The preparation techniques, unique ambiance and delightful hospitality convert even a simple dish into an exceptional gourmet experience. The wide pallet of the local cuisine is based on meat and pasta, such as: peka, meal prepared under a baking lid; ombolo, boneless pork loin; kapuz, sausages with sauerkraut; fuži, pasta; or gnocchi in a sauce locally known as šugo – usually made from game, farm-raised chicken or truffles. The experienced connoisseurs truffles, this mystical tuber already know that the largest truffle ever, weighing almost 1,5 kg, was found in the Motovun's woods in the Istrian hinterland.

Begin your sensual journey with local traditional starters, such as the delicious hearty vegetable soup known as manestra, sheep’s cheese combined with the famous Istrian pršut - prosciutto air dried by the fierce bura wind from the north, or pancetta – bura air dried bacon. For dessert, sweeten up your life with traditional Istrian pastries fritule, kroštule and cukerančići or the famous Istrian šupa with red wine, olive oil, salt, pepper and toasted white bread. 

The bay of Kvarner offers first class fish, crabs and other sea food from the Adriatic as well as fresh wild forest products such as mushrooms and wild fruits. Not only with its beauty Kvarner can proudly boast with one of the most rewarded and recognized sheep cheese in the world which is made in the island of Pag which owes its unique flavor to the grazing abounding with medicinal herbs.

Istria and Kvarner offer a feast of intensive and creative fragrances that will arouse your senses and satisfy your curiosity!

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